Cochise College Short-Term Disability

Cochise College provides short-term disability for qualified employees on the following schedule.

Waiting Period: Sixty (60) calendar days of total disability. Employees are required to use available leave during the 60-day waiting period.  

Benefits Payable:

Percentage Payable 66 2/3% of salary (weekly earnings) rounded to the next higher multiple of $1.00, if not already an exact multiple, subject to a maximum of $1,385 per week

Minimum of $25 per week

Qualifying Period: Fifty-nine (59) calendar days

Maximum Interruption During Qualify Period: Ten (10) calendar days

Daily Limit: One seventh (1/7) weekly amount 

Maximum Days Payable: Eighteen weeks

Benefit Offsets: Other Group Short-Term Disability, No Fault Auto Insurance, Social Security Disability, or Rehabilitation Income, any salary, wages or commission, loss of time benefit provided by any other group insurance contract. 

Benefits will not be payable concurrently with Retirement Benefits.


Please see your Benefits or Human Resources Department to file a claim or obtain more information. Review additional details in the CCT SPD